How to get ESPN Plus Free Trial

How to get ESPN Plus Free Trial

Launched in April of 2018, ESPN Plus has revolutionized the way that sports fans can consume their preferred content. When it comes to the quantity and quality of sports that are offered on the platform — including live streams of professional baseball, soccer, UFC, tennis, golf, hockey, and numerous collegiate sports — ESPN Plus has proven to be in a league of its own, in comparison to its competitors. And considering that ESPN Plus can be bundled with other popular streaming platforms, such as FuboTV, Disney Plus and Hulu, the worldwide leader in sports has outdone itself once again — all without needing to pay for cable or satellite TV.

But is the price for this platform worth it? That — along with a breakdown of what ESPN Plus is, what its pricing options are, its sign up options and subscription plans, and what additional features it offers — is what we’re here to help you understand.

What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus a standalone streaming service to ESPN’s regular linear coverage. ESPN Plus hosts live games, access to what was formerly known as ESPN Insider content, as well as exclusive on-demand documentaries and other content — all while placing it alongside free content from ESPN’s mother service (if, that is, you also have access to cable.) 

ESPN Plus Pricing Options

There are a variety of different ways you can purchase ESPN Plus. We’ll go over each of them now, so you have an idea of which options might work best for you.

It’s also worth noting that, no matter how you pay for ESPN plus (or for how long), you’ll receive access to the same content. In other words, there are no premium/tiered packages that you can pay extra for.

ESPN Plus Free Trial

Unlike most popular streaming services, ESPN Plus does not currently offer a free trial. That feature was cancelled in 2020.

However, considering that ESPN Plus is quite affordable for one month, if you’re interested in the platform but aren’t certain that it’s right for you, it won’t cost you too much to try it out for a month and see how it suits your streaming desires.

ESPN Plus Standard Package

The standard package for ESPN Plus currently costs $10.99 per month, if you elect for the monthly plan (which we would advise if you weren’t totally sold on the product before purchasing.)

However, if you’re certain that you want to buy ESPN Plus, and know that you’ll be using it often and for a long while, you might want to pay for the yearly plan, which costs $109.99. If youintend to use to use ESPN Plus in the long term, purchasing the yearly plan as opposed to the monthly plan will save you some money.

ESPN Plus Bundle

As I previously mentioned, ESPN Plus is available for you to purchase as part of a bundle, which also includes Disney Plus and Hulu (because there are all jointly owned by Disney). If you are interested/already use these platforms, purchasing this bundle (called the Disney Bundle Trio) is an excellent option, as it will only cost you $14.99 per month.

This means that alongside all the sports content that ESPN Plus provides, you’ll also get access to a vault of Classic Disney Animations, Pixar movies, and documentaries from National Geographic plus the gigantic Disney film library (which includes franchises like Marvel and Star Wars) via Disney Plus. On top of that, you’ll get incredible entertainment from Hulu’s top notch library of original series, along with their extensive selection of shows and feature films, as well as the Hulu Live TV feature.

What Does ESPN Plus Offer?

ESPN Plus provides live and on demand coverage for a variety of collegiate and professional sports leagues. Let’s review some of the key ones:


  • Bundesliga
  • Emirates FA Cup
  • LaLiga
  • Copa del Rey
  • Carabao Cup
  • EFL Championship
  • US Open Cup


  • UFC
  • Top Rank
  • PFL


  • Atlantic A10 Conference
  • Big Sky Conference
  • ECAC Hockey
  • OVC
  • Patriot League
  • Sun Belt Championship
  • The Ivy League


  • MLB
  • World Series


  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • World Table Tennis


  • PGA Tour
  • Masters
  • PGA Southern Hills

Along with all of this live content, ESPN Plus produces original programming, too. For example, for any MMA/UFC fans, there is original content for you to consume such as Dana White’s Contender Series, UFC Destined, plus classic fight replays — all without any commercials. None of this is available with a cable subscription, which is yet another reason why ESPN Plus offers a lot of value for sports fans.

Signing Up for ESPN Plus

Here’s how you can sign up for ESPN Plus:

  1. Go to
  2. You can opt to sign up for the Hulu bundle (which includes Hulu and Disney Plus) or only ESPN Plus. For just ESPN Plus, click on Subscribe to ESPN Plus only.
  3. Enter your email address and click Continue.
  4. Choose a password.
  5. Enter your payment information. You can choose to subscribe for a monthly plan or for a year at a time. It’s cheaper to subscribe for a year upfront. 

Cancelling ESPN Plus

If you decide ESPN Plus isn’t for you after buying, it’s quite easy to cancel your subscription. However, if you cancel before the end of your term (whether it’s a month or year), you will not get a refund for the remaining time left on the term.

To cancel, log into your ESPN Plus account. Go to Manage and click on Cancel Subscription. You can also call ESPN Plus customer service and speak to an agent if you desire further assistance.

Is ESPN Plus Worth It?

While it’s unfortunate that ESPN Plus doesn’t prospective buyers a free trial to test the waters, so to speak, that’s about the only downside to this incredible streaming platform. The bottom line is that, if you consider yourself a sports fan (especially as it pertains to the aforementioned sports/sports leagues), buying ESPN Plus is more than worth your while (and worth the price!)

In fact, if you think that you might be interested in ESPN Plus along with at least one of Disney Plus and/or Hulu, then the Disney Bundle Trio offers an even better bang for your buck. You’ll be able to quench all of your sports and entertainment streaming needs and desires for just $14.99 per month.

But even if you’re only interested in ESPN Plus, both the $10.00 monthly plan and the $190.00 yearly plan are certainly worth your while.

Now the only question is which sports you’ll be watching the most once you purchase your ESPN Plus plan — and which sports you’ll come to love because of it.

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