TNT Free Trial: Is It Worth Your Time?

TNT Free Trial: Is It Worth Your Time?

Are you a football fan always looking for an excellent platform to stream live and recorded football matches? Do you want to enjoy unlimited football leagues? Then don’t worry; we have the right platform for you. TNT, formerly known as BT Sports, is the ideal platform to enjoy your favorite players in action.

If you want an affordable yet competitive sports subscription, that can be an ideal platform to switch from a traditional cable cord. This article will explore every fact about TNT before getting a subscription. Let’s delve into it!

What is TNT?

Turner Network Television, aka TNT, is a premium TV channel where you can watch your favorite athletes in action. Earlier this year, the channel switched its name and branding from BT Sports to TNT Sports for the Premier leagues and Premiership rugby season. It was one of the biggest Champions League Finals of the year. But why was a sudden change and branding done?

Well, the rebounding of the channel occurred when BT Sports was bought by Warner Bros Discovery, originally owner of Eurosports. The central concept of the makers is to merge BT Sports with Eurosports to become the most significant sports channel in history. From domestic football and rugby to major events worldwide, such as Olympic sports, you can get everything on TNT now.

You can now enjoy the TNT channel on Discovery Plus’s exclusive streaming service platform. The rebranding is done to streamline the TNT channel in the UK and Europe into one brand. You’ll get everything under one roof, from UFC to football; you name it, and TNT has it for you. Furthermore, TNT channel is trying its best to improve its services for loyal viewers.

Is There A TNT Free Trial Available?

Yes, you can get a TNT free trial. You can sign up for the TNT free trial via Discovery Plus or Amazon Prime to avail the TNT free trial. The channel is different from other competitors because TNT offers a 30-day free trial rather than a 7-day free trial to see your favorite athletes on the ground.

Yes, you heard it right, you can enjoy a whole month without paying a single penny. What else do you need? However, once your free trial ends, you will be charged monthly according to your subscription plan.

How Much Will TNT Channel Subscription Cost?

If you’re living in the UK, believe it: TNT is the most affordable sports channel you can ever get. Many people were worried that there would be a surge in the prices of TNT after rebranding; however, Warner Bros is fully aware of their audience loyalty, and you can still get access to the channel at the same price.

There would be no change in the prices of the TNT subscription channel, and you can buy it on your regular subscription plan. Here is a list of TNT subscription plans to enjoy the Premier League at an affordable cost. Let’s take a look!

  • Get TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month.
  • Get a 30-day TNT Sports free trial via Amazon Prime.
  • Get TNT Sports on Sky Sports for just £25 per month.

How to sign up for TNT Free Trial via AT&T TV

If you want unlimited entertaining movies and shows, you can get it on AT&T TV. You can get all-time on-demand shows and live shows. If you want to enjoy a TNT free trial, you can get it through AT&T TV. Here’s how to sign up for a TNT free trial with AT TV & T TV.

  • Go to AT TV’s official website.
  • Then, search for TNT in the search bar.
  • You will get a button that reads, “Start your free trial.”
  • Enter your valid information and payment details to get started.
  • Enjoy your 30-day TNT free trial.

How to sign up for TNT Free Trial via Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best subscriptions for watching series. However, Sling TV has also paired with TNT to provide a free trial to their audience. It’s like a bonus offer, so you can’t miss it. However, there’s a twist: you will get a 7-day TNT free trial with Sling TV instead of a whole month. Here’s how you can sign up for TNT free trial through Sling TV.

  • Head over to Sling TV’s official website.
  • Log in to your existing Sling TV account.
  • You can also create a new account on Sling TV if you don’t have an existing account.
  • Start by choosing a subscription plan from “Orange Pack” or “Blue Pack.”
  • You can also visit and add on various channels.
  • TNT adds on through Sling TV.
  • You will get an option to enjoy a 7-day free trial on TNT.
  • Enjoy your favorite sports for 7 days through Sling TV.

How To Get TNT Free Trial With Fubo TV?

Fubo TV is another streaming service platform that has been here for years to bring joy to our lives. FuboTV brings good news for sports lovers by getting a 7-day free trial on TNT. Here’s how you can sign up for TNT free trial with Fubo TV.

  • Head over to the FuboTV official website.
  • Create a Fubo TV account or log in to your existing account on Fubo.
  • Choose a subscription plan.
  • Add your information and payment methods.
  • Add TNT channel on Fubo TV as an add-on and then get a free trial option for TNT.
  • Press on the “Start a 7-day free trial” button, and your free trial will start.
  • Enjoy your 7-day league on TNT for 7 days unlimited with a FuboTV account for free.


TNT sports is all you need on a weekend to enjoy yourself. It’s crucial to be aware that once your 7 or 30-day free trial ends, you will be charged £29 per month to enjoy sports. However, if you feel that the TNT channel’s content is not for you during the free trial, end your free trial before 30 days so that you won’t be charged anything. What are you waiting for? Start your TNT 30-day free trial now!

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