Jarred Kelenic Stats: Height, Weight, Position, Net Worth

Jarred Kelenic Stats: Height, Weight, Position, Net Worth

Jarred Kelenic

  • Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Jarred Robert Kelenic
    • Date of Birth: July 16, 1999
    • Age: 24 years
    • Birthplace: Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States
    • Parents:
      • Father: Tom Kelenic
      • Mother: Lisa Kelenic
    • Relationship Status: Dating Gina Muzi (college soccer player at St. John’s University)
  • Career Information:
    • Current Team:
      • Seattle Mariners (Jersey #10, Position: Center fielder)
    • Position: Outfielder
    • Draft:
      • Year: 2018
      • Round: 1
      • Pick: 6
      • Drafted by: New York Mets
    • MLB Debut: May 13, 2021
    • Previous Teams: Tacoma Rainiers
  • Physical Details:
    • Height: 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch)
    • Weight: 93 kg (206 pounds)
    • Batting & Throwing Hand: Left
  • Financial & Contractual Details:
    • Contract:
      • Duration: One year (since March 1, 2023)
      • Total Value: $770,000
    • Net Worth: Approximately $6 million
  • Performance Statistics:
    • Batting Average: .204
    • Home Runs: 32
    • Runs Batted In: 109
  • Other Details:
    • Social Media Handles:
    • National Team: USA (18U)

Jarred Kelenic Net Worth

As of 2024, Jarred Kelenic’ net worth is estimated to be around USD 6 million.

Jarred Kelenic, a professional baseball outfielder, has established a net worth of approximately $6 million as of 2024. His journey from Waukesha, Wisconsin, to becoming a notable name in Major League Baseball (MLB) is marked by his early interest in baseball and subsequent rise through the ranks to professional play. Kelenic’s financial growth over the years shows a steady increase from an estimated $4.1 million in 2018 to $6 million in 2023, reflecting his evolving career and potential in the sport.

  • Net Worth and Financial Achievements:
    • Kelenic’s net worth of $6 million in 2024 underlines his success in professional baseball. His annual salary, contributing significantly to his net worth, has seen a gradual increase, with his monthly income surpassing $45,000​​.
  • Income Sources:
    • The primary source of Kelenic’s income comes from his professional baseball career, notably his contract with the Seattle Mariners. He signed a one-year deal ahead of the 2023 season, increasing his salary by $23,200 for an annual value of $729,400. This contract showcases the financial rewards tied to his performance and contributions to the team​​​​.
  • Lifestyle and Investments:
    • While detailed information on Kelenic’s lifestyle and investments is not extensively publicized, his earnings and contract details suggest a strong foundation for future financial planning and potential investments in real estate, financial products, or other personal interests.
  • Philanthropy:
    • Specific details about Kelenic’s philanthropic efforts are not publicly available. However, many professional athletes engage in charitable activities as their careers progress, and it’s likely Kelenic may also pursue philanthropy aligned with his interests and values in the future.

Kelenic’s early career net worth and the trajectory of his professional journey indicate a promising future, both financially and in his baseball career. As he continues to develop his skills and contribute to his team, both his net worth and his impact on the field are expected to grow, reflecting his potential as a significant player in MLB.

Jarred Kelenic Stats

  • Teams Played For: Seattle Mariners
  • Position: Left Fielder
  • Jersey Number: #10

Career Batting Averages (Per Season):

  • Games Played (GP): 84
  • At Bats (AB): 291
  • Runs (R): 35
  • Hits (H): 59
  • Doubles (2B): 14
  • Triples (3B): 1
  • Home Runs (HR): 11
  • Runs Batted In (RBI): 36
  • Walks (BB): 31
  • Hit By Pitch (HBP): 2
  • Strikeouts (SO): 100
  • Stolen Bases (SB): 8
  • Caught Stealing (CS): 4
  • Batting Average (AVG): .204
  • On Base Percentage (OBP): .283
  • Slugging Percentage (SLG): .373
  • On-base Plus Slugging (OPS): .656
  • Wins Above Replacement (WAR): Data not provided for average

Postseason Batting:

  • Games Played (GP): 5
  • At Bats (AB): 17
  • Runs (R): 1
  • Hits (H): 2
  • Doubles (2B): 0
  • Triples (3B): 0
  • Home Runs (HR): 0
  • Runs Batted In (RBI): 1
  • Walks (BB): 0
  • Strikeouts (K): 7
  • Stolen Bases (SB): 0
  • Caught Stealing (CS): 1
  • Batting Average (AVG): .118
  • On Base Percentage (OBP): .111
  • Slugging Percentage (SLG): .118
  • On-base Plus Slugging (OPS): .229


For his most frequently played positions:

  • As Left Fielder (LF):
    • Games Played (GP): 96
    • Games Started (GS): 89
    • Full Innings (FIP): 784.0
    • Total Chances (TC): 155
    • Fielding Percentage (FP): .974
    • Range Factor (RF): 1.73
  • As Center Fielder (CF):
    • Games Played (GP): 109
    • Games Started (GS): 100
    • Full Innings (FIP): 920.0
    • Total Chances (TC): 272
    • Fielding Percentage (FP): .985
    • Range Factor (RF): 2.62
  • As Right Fielder (RF):
    • Games Played (GP): 48
    • Games Started (GS): 40
    • Full Innings (FIP): 367.0
    • Total Chances (TC): 102
    • Fielding Percentage (FP): 1.000
    • Range Factor (RF): 2.50

Jarred Kelenic’s career with the Mariners has been highlighted by his flexibility in playing various outfield positions. While his batting performance has shown growth, particularly in the 2023 season, his fielding stats reveal that he’s been most consistent in the right field position. However, there’s still room for improvement in batting consistency, as indicated by his average stats. His capability in the field is evident, particularly his efficiency as a right fielder. As he continues his career, fans and analysts will likely look for growth in both batting and fielding to solidify his place in the team.

Jarred Kelenic 2024 Profile

Jarred Kelenic — the 6 foot 1, 206 pound outfielder for the Seattle Mariners — appears to be one future face of the Mariners’ franchise. The talented outfielder has all of the tools necessary to become an MLB All-Star, and already seems well-suited to stardom. Yet, while Kelenic has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his brief MLB career, he hasn’t quite strung that success together for long stretches of time. But considering that Kelenic is only 24 years old, he still has plenty of time to mature into the superstar to many people are expecting him to be. And perhaps the 2024 season is when we’ll see Kelenic blossom into a world-class player for Seattle.

In this article, we’ll discuss Jarred Kelenic’s general information, his pre-MLB background, what he has done in his MLB career to this point, and what we can expect from him in 2024.

Jarred Kelenic General Information

Jarred Robert Kelenic was born on July 16, 1999, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States. Jarred’s parents are Tom and Lisa Kelenic. Jarred Kelenic is currently dating Gina Muzi, who is a college soccer player at St. John’s University. The couple have been dating since 2018.

On March 1, 2023, Jarred Kelenic signed a one-year, $770,000 contract with the Seattle Mariners. Kelenic’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Jarred Kelenic wears jersey number 10, and bats and throws with his left hand.

Jarred Kelenic Background

Jarred Kelenic attended Waukesha High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He committed to play college baseball at the University of Louisville in 2016, but never ended up attending the school. In 2017, Kelenic took part in the High School Home Run Derby and the Under-Armour All-America Baseball Game.

Despite having committed to attend college at the University of Louisville, Kelenic was considered one of the top prospects for the 2018 MLB Draft straight out of high school— so he elected to forego college and declare for the 2018 Draft straight out of high school. And on June 4, 2018, Kelenic was drafted in the first round (the 6th overall pick) of the 2018 MLB Draft by the New York Mets.

After signing with the Mets, Kelenic was assigned to their rookie-level minor league team. In the 56 games of his first professional season, Kelenic hit .286 with six home runs, 42 RBIs, and 15 stolen bases.

On December 2018, the Mets traded Kelenic and a few other players to the Seattle Mariners, in exchange for a number of high-caliber MLB players like Edwin Díaz and Robinson Canó. After the trade, Kelenic played the 2019 season with the West Virginia Power and the Modesto Nuts, both Class-A level teams in the Mariners’ minor league pipeline. In August of that season, Kelenic was promoted to the Arkansas Travelers, who are the Mariners Class AA level minor league team. Across his 2019 season with all three teams, Kelenic .291 with 23 home runs, 68 RBIs, and twenty stolen bases.

Although Kelenic didn’t play in a minor league game in 2020 (all minor league baseball competition was cancelled that year due to the pandemic), Kelenic remained highly ranked as a prospect, with both MLB.com and Baseball America considering him the #11 overall prospect in baseball in 2020 and the #4 in 2021.

After some controversy about being kept in the minor leagues longer than he should have (so that the Mariners could keep him under team control for an extra season), Keleni was finally promoted to the Major Leagues on May 13, 2021.

Kelenic’s MLB Career So Far

One day after his promotion to the Mariners, Kelenic recorded his first MLB hit; a two-run home run that went an estimated distance of 403 feet. One month later, however, Kelenic was sent back down to the Mariners Class AAA minor league team after a 0-39 hitting slump. After playing in the 2021 All-Star Futures Game, Kelenic was called back up to the major leagues, where he remained for the rest of the season. Kelenic finished the 2021 season batting .181 with 14 home runs and 43 RBIs in 93 games.

After positive results at the end of the 2021 season, Kelenic was expected to have a breakout year in 2022. Yet, after a disappointing start to the season, Kelenic was demoted once again to the Mariners’ AAA team. He performed well there, was called back up to the Mariners on July 31, struggled some more, then was sent back down to AAA. Ultimately, in the 54 games and 191 plate appearances Kelenic had for the Mariners in 2022, he hit .141 with 7 home runs and 17 RBI’s — another disappointing season.

Once again, expectations were high for Kelenic in 2023. In spring training, Kelenic excelled, hitting .353 with four home runs in 54 plate appearances. He started the 2023 season with the Mariners, and performed well early in the season. On April 12, 2023, Kelenic hit a 482-foot home run at the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field, which is the longest home run ever recorded at Wrigley.

Unfortunately, Kelenic broke his foot on July 20, 2023, after kicking a water cooler out of frustration during a game. The foot injury would cause him to miss the remainder of the 2023 season. He finished the year hitting .253 with 11 home runs and 49 RBIs in 416 plate appearances.

Jarred Kelenic 2024 Season Forecast

While injuries in sports are inevitable, Kelenic’s 2023 foot injury was a frustrating one because it was entirely self-inflicted. In fact, it displays the immaturity that has plagued Kelenic’s MLB career to this point, Yet, with Kelenic expected to be healthy by the 2024 season, the new slate presents him an opportunity to show that he’s grown from that immaturity. And considering the success that he was having in 2023 prior to that injury, if he has matured more, 2024 could finally be the breakout season people have expected from Kelenic for the past three seasons. What’s for sure is that Kelenic remains a big part of the Mariners’ future plans — and if he puts it all together in 2024, the Mariners might insert themselves into title contention.

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