Giants vs Eagles: Head to Head History

Giants vs Eagles: Head to Head History

If you’re going to talk about the most iconic, storied rivalries in NFL history, you have to mention the rivalry between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. These teams face each other at least two times during every regular season, and have also met in the playoffs many times before. Some of these matchups have produced many memorable moments (one of which has even been made into a Hollywood blockbuster film), and although one of these two teams has dominated the series in recent years, any time rivals of this magnitude meet on the field, it feels like there’s a 50/50 chance that both teams can emerge as the victor. Yet, the Eagles franchise and their fanbase might beg to differ.

In this article, we’ll discuss the lengthy head to head history between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, look into the background of their rivalry, break down 2023 NFC Divisional playoff game, and predict whether the Giants will be able to end the Eagles’ sustained excellence during the 2023-24 NFL season.

Giants vs Eagles Head to Head History

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have played each other a total of 181 times, including both the regular season and the playoffs. Of those, the Eagles hold the all-time edge, with a 92-87-2 record. In the 5 playoff games these two franchises, the Eagles also hold the edge, going 3-2 in those games.

New York and Philadelphia first played each other on October 15, 1933, in a game the Giants won 56-0. The most recent matchup between these teams came on January 21, 2023, in a game the Eagles won 38-7.

The longest winning streak in this rivalry is held by the Eagles, who won 12 straight games against the Giants from November 16, 1975, through September 6, 1981. The Eagles also currently have a 4 game winning streak against the Giants, which started on December 26, 2021.

Giants vs Eagles Game Log

18Sun, Jan 7, 2024vs Philadelphia EaglesScheduled
16Mon, Dec 25, 2023@ Philadelphia EaglesScheduled
18Sun, Jan 8, 2023@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 16 – 22
14Sun, Dec 11, 2022vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 22 – 48
16Sun, Dec 26, 2021@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 10 – 34
12Sun, Nov 28, 2021vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 13 – 7
10Sun, Nov 15, 2020vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 27 – 17
7Thu, Oct 22, 2020@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 21 – 22
17Sun, Dec 29, 2019vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 34
14Mon, Dec 9, 2019@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 23 OT
12Sun, Nov 25, 2018@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 22 – 25
6Thu, Oct 11, 2018vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 13 – 34
15Sun, Dec 17, 2017vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 29 – 34
3Sun, Sep 24, 2017@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 24 – 27
16Thu, Dec 22, 2016@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 19 – 24
9Sun, Nov 6, 2016vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 28 – 23
17Sun, Jan 3, 2016vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 30 – 35
6Mon, Oct 19, 2015@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 7 – 27
17Sun, Dec 28, 2014vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 26 – 34
6Sun, Oct 12, 2014@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 0 – 27
8Sun, Oct 27, 2013@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 15 – 7
5Sun, Oct 6, 2013vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 21 – 36
17Sun, Dec 30, 2012vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 42 – 7
4Sun, Sep 30, 2012@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 19
11Sun, Nov 20, 2011vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 10 – 17
3Sun, Sep 25, 2011@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 29 – 16
15Sun, Dec 19, 2010vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 31 – 38
11Sun, Nov 21, 2010@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 27
14Sun, Dec 13, 2009vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 38 – 45
8Sun, Nov 1, 2009@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 40
14Sun, Dec 7, 2008vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 14 – 20
10Sun, Nov 9, 2008@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 36 – 31
14Sun, Dec 9, 2007@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 16 – 13
4Sun, Sep 30, 2007vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 16 – 3
15Sun, Dec 17, 2006vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 22 – 36
2Sun, Sep 17, 2006@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 30 – 24 OT
14Sun, Dec 11, 2005@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 26 – 23 OT
11Sun, Nov 20, 2005vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 27 – 17
12Sun, Nov 28, 2004vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 6 – 27
1Sun, Sep 12, 2004@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 17 – 31
11Sun, Nov 16, 2003@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 10 – 28
7Sun, Oct 19, 2003vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 10 – 14
17Sat, Dec 28, 2002vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 10 – 7 OT
8Mon, Oct 28, 2002@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 3 – 17
16Sun, Dec 30, 2001@ Philadelphia EaglesLoss 21 – 24
6Mon, Oct 22, 2001vs Philadelphia EaglesLoss 9 – 10
9Sun, Oct 29, 2000vs Philadelphia EaglesWin 24 – 7
2Sun, Sep 10, 2000@ Philadelphia EaglesWin 33 – 18

Analysis of Giants vs Eagles Historical Game Log

The game log between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, spanning from 1933 to 2022, reveals several interesting aspects of this long-standing NFL rivalry. The analysis is divided into key areas for clarity.

Overall Record

  • Record (1933 – 2022): The Giants have an overall record of 85-89-2 against the Eagles. This slight deficit suggests a competitive rivalry across decades.

Recent Performance

  • Performance (2018 – 2022): In the last 10 games, the Giants have recorded only 2 wins against 8 losses, indicating a recent dominance by the Eagles.

Trends and Patterns

  • Home vs. Away Performance: The Giants show varied outcomes based on game location, with recent years indicating struggles in Philadelphia but a mixed record at home.
  • Close Contests: Numerous games, especially since the 2000s, have been decided by narrow margins, emphasizing the rivalry’s competitiveness.
  • Overtime Decisions: Several games going into overtime highlight the evenly matched nature of the teams.

Historical Phases

  • Early Giants Dominance: The initial decades (1930s-1950s) saw the Giants more dominant, marked by significant wins, including a remarkable 56-0 victory in 1933.
  • Shift in Momentum: Over the years, the Eagles gained momentum, particularly noticeable from the 2000s onwards.

Impactful Games

  • High-Stakes Impact: Playoff and critical games have been pivotal in the rivalry, often significantly influencing the teams’ morale and standings.

Future Outlook

  • Upcoming 2023 Season: With two games scheduled in 2023, these encounters could be crucial for the Giants to improve their recent record against the Eagles.

The Giants-Eagles rivalry is distinguished by its longevity, competitive nature, and evolving dynamics. While the Eagles have had the upper hand in recent matchups, the historical data highlights a closely contested rivalry through various NFL eras.

Giants vs Eagles Rivalry

As I said before, there are many historical moments that have taken place between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. The most notable of which have been ‘The Hit’, which was when Eagles linebacker Chuck Bednarik blindsided Giants’ Frank Gifford during a 1960 game. The hit knocked Gifford out, and it took him 18 months to return to the field.

There have also been a number of iconic playoff battles between these teams, including a 1978 ‘Miracle at the Meadowlands’ game, where the Eagles won on a last-second fumble recovery, the 1981 NFC Wild Card game (which the Giants won 27-21), the 2006 NFC Wild Card game (which the Eagles won on a last second field goal), the 2010 ‘Miracle at the Meadowlands’ game (which the Eagles won on a last-second punt return touchdown), among many, many other great moments.

As I noted before, the 2006 Hollywood film ‘Invincible’ follows Vince Papale (played by Mark Wahlberg)  and his rise to playing for the Eagles — which culminates with recovering a muffed punt for a touchdown against the Giants.

Giants, Eagles 2023 NFC Divisional Playoffs

The most recent addition to this rivalry came during the 2023 playoffs. After finishing the 2022-23 regular season with a 14-3 record, the Eagles earned the #1 seed in the NFC and a first round bye.

Upon finishing the regular season with a 9-7-1 record, the Giants earned the #6 seed in the NFC then defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round of the playoffs; setting the stage for an Eagles Giants matchup in the Divisional Round.

This game took place in Philadelphia, and the Eagles received the ball first and immediately went on a 10-play, 75-yard drive (featuring a 40-yard pass from Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith). The drive ended when Hurts threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to tight end Dallas Goedert to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead. The Giants got the ball, produced a solid drive, then quarterback Daniel Jones was sacked twice in a row (once on fourth down) to give the ball back to the Eagles; who then drove 52 yards in 9 plays to take a 14–0 lead on Hurts’ 9-yard touchdown pass to Smith.

In the second quarter, Eagles running back Miles Sanders carried the ball 6 times for 43 yards on a drive that ended with a 3-yard touchdown run from Boston Scott, putting Philadelphia up 21–0. The Giants punted on their next drive, then the Eagles advanced 67 yards in 15 plays, with Hurts finishing the drive with a 5-yard touchdown run, giving his Eagles a 28–0 lead going into halftime.

New York finally managed to score in the third quarter, moving the ball 88 yards in 11 plays, including a 39-yard run by the Giants’ star running back, Saquon Barkley. The drive finished with backup running back Matt Breida scoring an 8-yard touchdown run, which made the score 28-7 — giving the Giants faithful a sliver of hope.

But that hope was soon dashed in the fourth quarter, once Philadelphia put the game completely out of reach on a drive where Eagles’ running back Kenneth Gainwell rushed 6 times for 49 yards to set up a 30-yard field goal from Eagles’ kicker Jake Elliott. After the Giants turned the ball over on downs during their next possession, the Eagles scored one final time, via a 35-yard run from Kenneth Gainwell. This gave the Eagles a 38-7 lead, which is how the game ended; sending Philadelphia to the NFC Championship game and ending the Giants’ 2022-23 season.

Giants, Eagles 2023-24 Team Analysis

The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants play each other 2 times during the 2023-24 NFL regular season: on December 25, 2023 (in Philadelphia), and on January 7, 2024 (in New York).

While the Eagles (who currently have an 8-1 record) look just as good — if not better — than they did during last year’s Super Bowl run, the Giants (who have a 2-7 record) look much, much worse than they did one season ago. Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones hasn’t played well so far, and recently sustained an injury which will likely keep him out for at least a few weeks. While Saquon Barkley is healthy, the Giants’ offensive line does little to open up holes for him to run through. Their defense has been bad, as well. For this reason, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see the Eagles and Giants play during the playoffs this season.

However, if they were able to turn their season around somehow, and make it to the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs (which would probably require them beating the Eagles during both regular season matchups), the story of them doing so would be miraculous enough to deserve its own blockbuster movie.

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