NFL+ Review : How To Watch Football On NFL+

NFL+ Review : How To Watch Football On NFL+

Watching your favorite NFL team isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. The league likes to push our boundaries with how much money we’ll spend on different broadcasting platforms and TV services. If you’ve ever found yourself fretting over missing a game, you needn’t worry anymore. NFL + is here.

What is NFL Plus?

Formerly NFL Game pass, NFL + is a streaming platform that allows football fans to watch live games in the preseason, regular and post season. It includes multiple online services including the NFL Channel, NFL Redzone and on demand shows and documentaries.

NFL Plus is only available on all mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV sticks and cubes, Apple TV, Chromecast, Gaming consoles and other smart TVs.  

NFL+ Pricing and Plans

FeaturesNFL+NFL+ Premium
Live local and primetime gamesYesYes
Live out-of-market preseason gamesYesYes
Live game audioYesYes
NFL library programming on-demand, ad-freeYesYes
Full game replays across devices (ad-free)NoYes
Condensed game replays across devices (ad-free)NoYes
Coaches Film (ad-free)NoYes
Price per month$6.99$14.99
Price per year($24.99) $49.99($49.99) $99.99

There are two pricing plans for NFL+. $7 a month for the standard version or $15 a month for NFL + Premium.

Or you can pay $50 a year for NFL+. Or $100 a year for NFL Premium. You do save money by paying annually, but if you don’t want to spend that much money or can only afford to pay monthly, there’s no contract obligations with NFL +, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like.

There is a current promo on NFL+ for the yearly plan that allows you to pay $24.99 for NFL+ and $49.99 for NFL+ Premium. This promo is time limited.

What does an NFL + subscription include?

NFL + is the perfect streaming platform for your avid football fan. It’s not for your casual Joe who’ll watch whatever games on their Fox or CBS local channel.

You can stream preseason games no matter where you are. If you’re a Vikings fan, living in LA, you’re sorted with NFL +.

You can watch local and primetime regular and postseason games. NFL + allows you to stream all local games in addition to watching Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football on the streaming platform.

Don’t have time to watch games? Have a job where you’re constantly on the road? NFL + offers live game audio so you can listen to your favorite time wherever you are.

You will also have access to the entire NFL on-demand library including Hard Knocks, NFL 360 and A Football Life.

NFL + Premium includes everything that the standard version has, full and condensed game replays, coaches’ film, and NFL RedZone. Who doesn’t want 7-hours of commercial free football? NFL RedZone is far and away the most appealing aspect of the premium package. It allows you to watch all the best bits of action for every Sunday afternoon game. As soon as a team reaches the redzone, it’ll pop up on your screen. Hosted by Scott Hanson, it’s one of the best footballing shows around.

Can you watch all NFL games on NFL +

No, you can’t watch all the NFL games with NFL +. The games that are accessible to you depends on your location. NFL Plus gives you access to live local and primetime regular and post season games.

If you purchase the premium membership, you can watch all NFL games on replay. The full game replays are available 10 minutes after the game’s finished.

The condensed version could take 2-4 hours before its available online, but it can depend on the game. Within a day, you will be able to watch all replays of all the games.

How does NFL + compare to NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL + is the best option if you don’t want to pay for a TV subscription but still want to watch local and primetime games and have access to the RedZone Channel.

NFL Sunday Ticket is for the hardcore fans that only want to watch their team and no other team for all 17 games. However, it costs roughly $300 and only allows you to watch out-of-market games. You won’t get access to primetime, preseason or postseason games.

Once your subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket starts, you won’t be able to cancel it, whereas NFL+ lets you cancel at any time.

Is NFL + worth it?

Whether it’s worth it or not comes down to personal preference of what you want to watch. The best feature is access to RedZone. If you’ve never watched it before, you’re missing out. Once you watch it, you’ll find yourself glued to your TV for 7 hours.

It also depends if you’re happy to watch on your mobile device. The NFL does not support casting and you won’t be able to watch live games on your tv, but you can watch the NFL Network live. If you want to watch live games on your TV, you’re better off paying for ESPN and your other local networks.

If you’re a busy person and don’t have time to watch games live anyway you may be better off paying for NFL + as you can watch all the replays when you do have time.

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