San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys | October 8th 2023

San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys | October 8th 2023

The rich tapestry of NFL history is generously punctuated by the riveting duels between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. This upcoming matchup promises nothing less, and as Week 5 approaches, the anticipation reaches fever pitch.

Historic Rivalry Rekindle

When two iconic teams such as the 49ers and the Cowboys lock horns, it is more than just a game. Their rivalry has created some of the most memorable moments in NFL history, dating back to the intense showdowns of the 1970s. The last two playoffs added fresh chapters to this saga, with the 49ers clinching victory on both occasions. But history is just that – in football, it’s the next game that counts.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys Preview

  • Date: October 8th, 2023
  • Time: 8:20 PM EST
  • TV Channel: Sunday Night Football on NBC
  • Live Stream: NFL+ (US), DAZN (UK & other)

The Season starts here for the 49ers

Not to disrespect the 49ers’ first four opponents, but they will be viewing this matchup with the Cowboys as their first true test of the season and one they will desperately want to win. A bizarre few years in the quarterback room seem to have settled with Brock Purdy at the helm, and the 49ers will be hoping that his small sample size of excellence continues. Outside of the quarterback position, the 49ers are one of the most physical offenses in the league, taking pride in their ability to gain yards after the catch (YAC). The self-pronounced ‘YAC Bros’ fear no one and will look to run over DVOA’s (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) second-ranked defense from last year.

Averaging 32.6 points per game in the 11 games that Brock Purdy started and finished, the Niners compounded problems for opposition teams by also having the best defense in the league, according to DVOA. Nick Bosa stormed to 18.5 sacks on his way to receiving 46 out of 50 possible votes for Defensive Player of the Year. He leads a star-studded defense that only gave up 16.3 points per game in 2022. A repeat season from this defense will put them right back in the mix.

Dallas’ new signings aim to boost the Cowboys.

The vaunted 49er defense proved too much for Dak Prescott in last year’s playoffs. He completed just 23 passes on 37 attempts, resulting in a measly 206 yards, 2 interceptions and a quarterback rating (QBR) of only 51.1. The Cowboys take no pleasure in losing to historic rivals, and Prescott’s ability to handle one of the league’s toughest defenses will be key in avoiding a third loss in a row against the red and gold.

The good news for Cowboys fans is they come in as an improved roster. Brandin Cooks brings experience and speed to an offense that had to rely on Noah Brown too often last year, and Michael Gallup is now another year removed from his ACL injury. Defensively, the addition of former Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore, will boost a secondary that will have their hands full against the likes of Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle.

Keys to the Game: Critical Matchups and Strategies

Every game has its pivotal moments and key players that can turn the tide of the battle. As the 49ers and Cowboys lock horns, certain matchups and strategies will be instrumental in deciding the winner. Let’s dive into these game-changers.

CeeDee Lamb vs 49ers Nickel

CeeDee Lamb, an electrifying talent in the NFL, boasts impressive stats, marking his potential to be the game-breaker in week 5. The 49ers, however, are grappling with a void in their defense, especially in the slot which is Lamb’s main operational area. With the loss of Jimmy Ward and the subsequent struggle to find an apt replacement, the onus falls on Isaiah Oliver. But his preseason performance was less than stellar, igniting a competition for the position.

Transitioning from Robert Saleh’s zone-heavy scheme, the 49ers under defensive coordinator Steve Wilks now lean more towards man coverage. This could be a potential vulnerability, especially considering Lamb’s prowess against such defenses. The receiver’s matchup against the 49ers’ chosen Nickel will undoubtedly be a defining aspect of the game.

Questions at Quarterback

The 49ers’ commendable journey in the NFL over the past three years is notable, with two NFC Championship appearances and a close Super Bowl attempt. Throughout, they’ve boasted a robust roster but the quarterback position remains a gray area. From Jimmy Garoppolo’s inconsistent spells to Trey Lance’s health and performance issues, the mantle now rests with Brock Purdy. Though promising, his recent elbow injury coupled with an inconsistent offensive line might challenge him, especially against the formidable Cowboys’ defense.

On the other hand, Dak Prescott, the face of America’s Team, carries immense expectations. Last year, he shared the top spot for the most interceptions thrown, intensifying the scrutiny. With the coaching dynamics shuffled, Mike McCarthy now helms the play-calling, supported by Brian Schottenheimer as the offensive coordinator. As the Cowboys seek redemption, they will have to contend with the 49ers’ menacing defensive front, always on the prowl for any chink in the armor.

Players to Watch: Spotlight on Game Changers

As the clash between the 49ers and the Cowboys looms, there are individuals whose performances could tip the scales. These are the game changers, the athletes whose every move will be under the microscope, and who could redefine the outcome. Dive in as we spotlight the players to keep a keen eye on.

Colton McKivitz (49ers):

McKivitz’s rise from a peripheral figure to the pivotal position of starting right tackle is the stuff of football lore. During his initial years, it was difficult to fathom that he’d eventually be tasked with protecting the blindside of a quarterback in a high-stakes matchup. Yet, here he is, facing off against a Cowboys defense renowned for its tenacity. With the likes of Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence waiting for the slightest hint of vulnerability, McKivitz’s technique, agility, and mental toughness will be under the scanner. For the 49ers to maintain an offensive rhythm, McKivitz must hold his ground against relentless pressure.

Tony Pollard (Cowboys):

Pollard isn’t just another running back. With an innate ability to find gaps in defenses, coupled with explosive speed and agility, Pollard is the multifaceted weapon the Cowboys treasure. His earlier performance, including an average of 5.2 yards per carry, isn’t a mere statistical highlight—it’s a testament to his prowess. As he takes on the 49ers’ robust defensive line, every yard he gains will be pivotal. Can he leverage his quick cuts and receiving skills to keep the 49ers’ linebackers and secondary guessing?

Deebo Samuel (49ers):

A key figure in the 49ers’ offensive scheme, Samuel’s versatility sets him apart. Not just confined to a wide receiver role, Samuel often takes snaps from the backfield, making him a dual-threat. His ability to turn seemingly innocuous plays into game-changing moments will be crucial. With the Cowboys looking to neutralize the 49ers’ main offensive weapons, Samuel’s adaptability will be paramount. His matchup against the Cowboys’ upgraded secondary, particularly against the experienced Stephon Gilmore, promises fireworks.

Micah Parsons (Cowboys):

Having showcased his potential in his rookie year, Parsons is already creating ripples across the league. His speed, football IQ, and ability to read plays even before they develop have earned him the reputation of a defensive maestro. While his primary role as a linebacker involves halting runners in their tracks, he has also demonstrated a knack for quarterback sacks. As he faces off against the 49ers’ versatile offense, his responsibilities will range from containing Pollard to ensuring Purdy remains under constant duress.


The clash between the 49ers and the Cowboys isn’t just about team strategy; it’s also about individual brilliance, resilience, and moments of magic. These players, with their unique skill sets and challenges, will undoubtedly have a significant bearing on the final outcome.

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