Peacock Free Trial – 50% Peacock Promo Code

Peacock Free Trial – 50% Peacock Promo Code

Your streaming options in 2023 are stronger than they ever have been before, and that includes a wealth of different streaming services on offer for the 2023 NFL season.

As one of the competitors to Netflix and Hulu, Peacock now offers a wide range of streaming options including tv series, live events, movies and sports. Let’s take a look at the options available and what a Peacock subscription means for the upcoming football season.

Peacock Price and Plans

FeaturePremium PlanPremium Plus Plan
Price per Month$5.99$11.99
AdsContains AdsNo Ads
Content AccessFull AccessFull Access
Entertainment Hours80,000+ Hours80,000+ Hours
Offline UsageNot AvailableAvailable

There are two package plans available for a Peacock subscription, they are:

Peacock Premium – $5.99 per month

  • Stream 80,000 hours of the best in TV, movies and sports
  • LIVE Sports and Events
  • Current NBC and Bravo Shows
  • 50+ Always On Channels

Peacock Premium Plus – $11.99 per month

  • Everything you get with Premium, plus:
  • No Ads (Limited exclusions)
  • Download and Watch Select Titles Offline
  • Your Local NBC Channel LIVE 24/7

So basically, unless you watch NBC regularly and need a reason to stream it through Peacock, you’re paying the extra six dollars a month for the privilege of avoiding interruption through ads.

One of the added benefits here, much like with its competitors, is that you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. There’s no long term commitment or contract that you’re locked into, just a recurring monthly payment until you no longer want it.

Does Peacock Have a Premium Free Trial?

Currently, Peacock has paused its Premium Free Trial offerings. While this promotion was previously available, allowing new subscribers a taste of the platform’s expansive content, from movies and TV shows to live sports, it’s not active at present.

Student Discounts at Peacock:
Understanding the financial constraints students face, Peacock offers a special Student Discount. Instead of the standard rate, eligible students can subscribe at just $1.99 per month for a whole year, marking a significant discount.

How to Access the Student Discount:
To ensure that the discount benefits only genuine students, Peacock requires a verification process. This step preserves the offer’s authenticity, ensuring deserving students can dive into Peacock’s rich entertainment suite at a reduced cost.

Peacock Promo Codes 2024

From time to time Peacock TV offer promotional codes. This codes allow you to subscribe to Peacock premium service at discounted price. Promo codes are for a limited period so do well to use them before they expires. Here are some of the available peacock promotional codes.

Active Promo Code

  • Code: PEASUMF7B85
  • Offer: $30 off on Peacock TV Premium for one year, reducing the subscription cost to $29.99 from the standard $59.99.
  • Eligibility: New users only.
  • Limitation: Limited redemption availability.

Peacock Student Discount

Peacock TV extends a generous discount to students, offering a subscription for just $1.99 per month for twelve months. This represents a $4 saving each month, tailored to make streaming more accessible for students on a budget.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the student discount, individuals must have an active student status at a recognized university. Verification of this status is required to ensure that the offer reaches its intended audience.

How to Claim

Students interested in availing of this discount must undergo a verification process. This involves:

  1. Visiting the designated verification page provided by Peacock TV.
  2. Submitting proof of enrollment at a credible university.
  3. Upon successful verification, receiving a unique promo code that can be applied during the subscription process.

This targeted approach ensures that the discount benefits are exclusively available to the student community, helping them access premium content without financial strain.

Annual Subscription Discount

Peacock TV incentivizes long-term commitments by offering a 17% discount on its annual subscription plans. This discount allows subscribers to enjoy significant savings of $11.39 for the Premium plan and $23.89 for the Premium Plus plan compared to the total cost of monthly billing over a year.

Eligibility Criteria

This discount is available to all users who opt for the annual subscription option over the monthly billing cycle, encouraging users to commit for a longer term in exchange for considerable savings.

How to Claim

Claiming the annual subscription discount is straightforward:

  1. Select the annual plan option when subscribing to Peacock TV.
  2. The discount is automatically applied, reflecting the reduced total for the annual subscription fee.

This discount is designed to appeal to users looking for value in their subscription, offering a more cost-effective way to enjoy Peacock TV’s extensive library.

Peacock Military Discount

Peacock TV honors the service of military personnel by offering a 50% discount, reducing the subscription cost to $2.99 per month. This offer is extended to active Duty Military, Veterans, National Guard, Reservists, and Military Dependents, acknowledging their sacrifices with significant savings.

Eligibility Criteria

Verification of military status is required to access this discount. This ensures that the offer benefits are reserved for members of the military community.

How to Claim

The process to claim the military discount involves several steps:

  1. Verification of military status through SheerID by filling out a form on the Peacock TV website.
  2. Upon successful verification, receiving a unique promo code.
  3. Applying the promo code at the checkout page or within the account’s “Plans and Payment” section for existing subscribers.

This discount reflects Peacock TV’s commitment to giving back to the military community, providing them with access to entertainment and relaxation at a reduced cost.

Peacock First Responder Discount

In a commendable move to honor the dedication and service of first responders, Peacock TV has introduced a special First Responder Discount. This initiative recognizes the critical roles played by emergency and public safety personnel by offering them an exclusive opportunity to access Peacock Premium at a substantially reduced rate.

Offer Details

  • Discounted Price: $1.99 per month for 12 months.
  • Subscription: Peacock Premium.
  • Eligibility: This offer is extended to first responders, acknowledging their contributions to public safety and emergency services.
  • Occasion: The discount is timed to coincide with National First Responders Day, showcasing Peacock’s appreciation for these vital community members.

How to Claim

  1. Verification Process:
    • Visit the dedicated First Responder page on Peacock’s official website.
    • Verify your status as a first responder through SheerID, a third-party service that confirms eligibility for exclusive offers.
    • Upon verification, you will receive a unique promo code designed for this specific offer.
  2. Subscription Activation:
    • Create a new account on Peacock TV or log in to your existing account.
    • Navigate to the area where you can enter your promo code.
    • Apply the received unique promo code during the subscription process to activate the discounted rate.
  3. For Existing Subscribers:
    • Those already subscribed to Peacock TV may need to follow additional steps to apply the discount to their account. This could involve navigating to account settings or contacting customer support for assistance.

Post-Discount Period

After the completion of the 12-month discounted period, the subscription cost for Peacock Premium will revert to the standard retail price, which currently stands at $5.99 per month. Subscribers should be aware of this transition and plan accordingly, either by continuing with the subscription at the regular rate or exploring other options available at that time.

What is Available on Peacock Premium?

Peacock Premium offers a vast library of content, including exclusive Peacock Originals, current NBC hits, classic TV shows, and blockbuster movies. Subscribers can also stream live sports like Sunday Night Football and Premier League. Additionally, Premium provides on-demand access to entire seasons of beloved series and fewer ads.

Here are some of what you will get when you sign up for Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus

Exclusive TV Shows

Peacock has its own line of shows, and all of those become immediately available to the service’s subscribers.

Most recently, shows such as ‘Poker Face’ starring Natasha Lyonne, ‘Based on A True Story’ starring Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Hart’s chat show ‘Hart to Heart’ are among the most popular exclusive shows available through the platform.

Popular Hit TV Shows

Outside of the wide range of exclusives that you can only find through a Peacock subscription, the streaming service also offers some of the most popular shows available, including the US Office with Steve Carrell, Modern Family, New Girl and Suits.

Then there’s reality tv options with the likes of America’s Got Talent and Love Island USA, as well as Below Deck and The Real Housewives.


Peacock prides itself on getting hold of some of the most popular movies to have come out recently, and making them available to its users as quickly as possible.

Movies such as the Super Mario Bros movie came straight from the big screen to your Peacock subscription, adding another benefit for those on a paid plan.

Live Sports

Now we’re talking. Sports fans might appreciate some of the added benefits above when signing up for Peacock, but what they really want to know is just how much sport is available.

Live Sports are one of the strongest reasons to sign up for a Peacock subscription, with a wide range of sports being covered and the added bonus of exclusive events becoming available through your Peacock account.

With close ties to NBC, Peacock offers a lot of the content you would find on local NBC stations through its subscription service.

The First Exclusive

One of the biggest sports you’ll find on the platform is the NFL, where you’ll be able to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC live through your Peacock subscription every week.

Sunday Night Football is always a top notch matchup, and this season those games include:

That’s just the Sunday Night Football schedule too, and you can find the full schedule for those games right here on NBC’s website.

Peacock will then be the first subscription service to livestream an exclusive NFL playoff game this season. The service will feature an NFL Wildcard Round Playoff game on Prime Time on Saturday 13th January, 2024, following a mid afternoon kickoff earlier that day.

The NFL’s Executive Vice President Hans Schroeder said he was ‘excited to work with a great partner in Peacock to present the first-ever exclusively live streamed NFL playoff game this upcoming season’. That’s great news for Peacock subscribers, but those fans of whichever teams end up playing in that game might not be thrilled about it…

More than the NFL

It’s not just the NFL that you’ll find on Peacock though. Check out these additional sports:

  • Live Premier League action from the new 2023 season. Peacock offers several games a week including Friday Night action and multiple Saturday games for US viewers to catch their favorite soccer stars.
  • MLB Sunday Leadoff. Peacock will always have the opening game of the Sunday slate, meaning Sunday lunchtime baseball for subscribers, every week.
  • U.S. Open Cup soccer
  • Live WWE events
  • Live women’s soccer
  • Plus Golf, Rugby, Motocross, Cycling, Gymnastics, and more


Ultimately, for $5.99 you could get yourself access to not only Sunday Night Football, but a wide range of other sports and entertainment.

This feels like a great deal, particularly for sports fans, and hey, if you love a good sitcom like the Office or New Girl or something similar, then those almost come as a free added bonus.


What is Peacock?

Peacock is a streaming service that offers a variety of content, ranging from TV series, live events, movies, and sports. It’s a competitor to platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

How much does Peacock cost?

Peacock offers two main plans: Peacock Premium at $5.99 per month and Peacock Premium Plus at $11.99 per month.

Does Peacock Premium Plus have ads?

No, the Peacock Premium Plus plan is ad-free, with a few limited exceptions.

Are there any discounts available for students?

Yes, Peacock offers a Student Discount, allowing eligible students to subscribe at $1.99 per month for 12 months.

What makes Peacock’s NFL coverage unique?

Peacock will be the first to livestream an exclusive NFL Wildcard Round Playoff game. Moreover, subscribers can watch Sunday Night Football on NBC live through their Peacock subscription.

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