How to Watch the 2023-24 Alpine Skiing World Cup on Peacock

How to Watch the 2023-24 Alpine Skiing World Cup on Peacock

With approximately 20 million users, the NBC Universal streaming service Peacock has steadily grown since its 2020 inauguration. It’s advancing its latest and original content after including new episodes of NBC shows, hallmark movies, and Days of Our Lives in the streaming service. Nonetheless, it also abolished its free tier for new subscribers in January.

Though not as substantial as some of its streaming competitors, Peacock looks similar to Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus, with a user-friendly interface lined with famous network shows.

What Is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is an NBC-owned streaming service. Peacock is home to many sci-fi and space-related entertainment, including movies and TV episodes.

Because of its well-sized library, most cable channels, and even local access, all for a fit price or even free. That being said, Peacock doesn’t quite have the same catalog as its rivals, with trivial original content and almost zero to no content targeted at children.

However, Peacock TV provides as many as 50 live TV channels, ranging from NBC and its associates to TV channels fixated on all modes of entertainment.

Peacock is also an exceptional option for live sports, as it provides all American football games (NFL), major tennis championships, and even the Olympics and World Cup soccer.

The Alpine Ski World Cup 2022-23

Peacock TV and NBC Sports will air live coverage of the 2023-24 Alpine skiing World Cup season, highlighting Mikaela Shiffrin. The season gets underway as usual with women’s and men’s giant slaloms in Sölden, Austria, on Oct. 28-29.

A total of four stops will be there in the U.S.: Killington, Vermont (women, Nov. 25-26); Beaver Creek, Colorado (men, Dec. 1-3); Palisades Tahoe, California (men, Feb. 24-25) and Aspen, Colorado (men, March 2-3).

The season ends at the World Cup Finals in Saalbach, Austria, from March 16th-23rd. Shiffrin surpassed Swede Ingemar Stenmark’s record for career World Cup wins the previous season, attaining 88 total.

Similarly, looking at the men’s side, Swiss Marco Odermatt goes for a triple consecutive World Cup overall title.

Odermatt, 26, had the most remarkable men’s season in history in 2022-23, defeating a record-tying 13 times and beating the men’s overall points record of 2,000, which Austrian Hermann Maier set in 1999-2000.

Watch and Live Stream the Alpine Ski World Cup

The Alpine Ski World Cup will appear live on Peacock TV. You can also livestream the Alpine Ski World Cup free from ads on the Peacock Premium plan.

The winter-time sports season will embark with the opening round of the FIS World Cup in Soelden, Austria, with a women’s and men’s giant slalom consisting of up to 600 races and 3,500 plus hours of sports action broadcast live over the following six months on Peacock App, meaning users will have access to the most all-inclusive coverage.

Broadcast Schedule

DateRacePlatformTime (ET)
Oct. 28Women’s GS — Sölden (Run 1)Peacock4 a.m.
Women’s GS — Sölden (Run 2)Peacock7 a.m.
Oct. 29Men’s GS — Sölden (Run 1)Peacock5 a.m.
Men’s GS — Sölden (Run 2)Peacock8 a.m.
Nov. 11Women’s SL — Levi (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4 a.m.
Men’s DH — ZermattSkiandsnowboard.live5:30 a.m.
Women’s SL — Levi (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7 a.m.
Nov. 12Women’s SL — Levi (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4 a.m.
Men’s DH — ZermattSkiandsnowboard.live5:30 a.m.
Women’s SL — Levi (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7 a.m.
Nov. 18Men’s SL — Gurgl (Run 1)Peacock4:45 a.m.
Women’s DH — ZermattSkiandsnowboard.live5:45 a.m.
Men’s SL — Gurgl (Run 2)Peacock7:45 a.m.
Nov. 19Women’s DH — ZermattSkiandsnowboard.live5:45 a.m.
Nov. 25Women’s GS — Killington (Run 2)NBC, Peacock1 p.m.
Nov. 26Women’s SL — Killington (Run 2)NBC, Peacock12:30 p.m.
Dec. 2Women’s GS — Tremblant (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live11 a.m.
Men’s DH — Beaver Creek (1)CNBC, Peacock1 p.m.**
Women’s GS — Tremblant (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live2:15 p.m.
Men’s DH — Beaver Creek (2)NBC, Peacock5 p.m.*
Dec. 3Women’s GS — Tremblant (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live11 a.m.
Women’s GS — Tremblant (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live2:15 p.m.
Men’s SG — Beaver CreekNBC, Peacock4:30 p.m.*
Dec. 8Women’s SG — St. MoritzSkiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Dec. 9Men’s GS — Val d’Isere (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live3:30 a.m.
Women’s DH — St. MoritzSkiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Men’s GS — Val d’Isere (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7 a.m.
Dec. 10Men’s SL — Val d’Isere (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live3:30 a.m.
Women’s SG — St. MoritzSkiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Men’s SL — Val d’Isere (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live6:30 a.m.
Dec. 15Men’s SG — Val GardenaSkiandsnowboard.live5:45 a.m.
Dec. 16Women’s DH — Val d’IsereSkiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Men’s DH — Val GardenaSkiandsnowboard.live5:45 a.m.
Dec. 17Men’s GS — Alta Badia (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4 a.m.
Women’s SG — Val d’IsereSkiandsnowboard.live5 a.m.
Men’s GS — Alta Badia (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7:30 a.m.
Dec. 18Men’s GS — Alta Badia (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4 a.m.
Men’s GS — Alta Badia (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7:30 a.m.
Dec. 21Women’s SL — Courchevel (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live11:45 a.m.
Women’s SL — Courchevel (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live2:45 p.m.
Dec. 22Men’s SL — Madonna (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live11:45 a.m.
Men’s SL — Madonna (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live2:45 p.m.
Dec. 28Women’s GS — Lienz (Run 1)Peacock4 a.m.
Men’s DH — BormioSkiandsnowboard.live5:30 a.m.
Women’s GS — Lienz (Run 2)Peacock7:15 a.m.
Dec. 29Women’s SL — Lienz (Run 1)Peacock4 a.m.
Men’s SG — BormioSkiandsnowboard.live5:30 a.m.
Women’s SL — Lienz (Run 2)Peacock7:15 a.m.
Jan. 6Women’s GS — Kranjska Gora (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live3:30 a.m.
Men’s GS — Adelboden (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Women’s GS — Kranjska Gora (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live6:30 a.m.
Men’s GS — Adelboden (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7:30 a.m.
Jan. 7Women’s SL — Kranjska Gora (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live3:30 a.m.
Men’s SL — Adelboden (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4:30 a.m.
Women’s SL — Kranjska Gora (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live6:30 a.m.
Men’s SL — Adelboden (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7:30 a.m.
Jan. 12Men’s SG — WengenSkiandsnowboard.live6:30 a.m.
Jan. 13Women’s DH — ZauchenseePeacock4:45 a.m.
Men’s DH — WengenSkiandsnowboard.live6:30 a.m.
Jan. 14Men’s SL — Wengen (Run 1)Skiandsnowboard.live4:15 a.m.
Women’s SG — ZauchenseePeacock5 a.m.
Men’s SL — Wengen (Run 2)Skiandsnowboard.live7:15 a.m.
Jan. 16Women’s SL — Flachau (Run 1)Peacock12 p.m.
Women’s SL — Flachau (Run 2)Peacock2:45 p.m.

Watch Live Sports On Peacock

Peacock provides live sports in both of its premium plans. Its base version, the free plan, has a certain amount of sports content, but it’s mostly NBC’s basic programming. Therefore, post-game analysis programs usually talk about sports rather than the actual games.

Paying subscribers get access to all kinds of live sports, including tennis, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and American football across the NFL channel, the soccer World Cup, and even the Olympics when they’re on.

Stream On Peacock

Peacock will stream on almost any device. Apart from all modern web browsers, it will also operate on iOS devices, Android phones, tablets, and different gaming consoles like Playstation and the Xbox.

Most versions of the Roku player can stream Peacock, as well as all smart TVs on the market right now, including Apple TV, Google TV, and ones made by LG and Samsung. If you have a set-top box, you’ll be delighted to know Peacock TV will work on those Cox and Xfinity gave.

Things To Make Sure

Subscribe to Peacock: First and foremost is to have a valid subscription to Peacock. You may need to log in with your credentials and sign up for their premium or premium plus if the event is unavailable on the base version.

Check the Schedule: Once you have a subscription, go to the Peacock app or website and search for the schedule or the desired event you want to watch. This should give you information about when and where to watch the event.

Live Streaming: If the event is being televised live, you should be able to access it through the live-streaming feature of Peacock. Go through to the live section and find the event.

Highlights and Replays: If you miss the live broadcast, the perks of having Peacock TV might provide replays or highlights of the event after it has concluded. Look for these in the sports section.

Device Compatibility: Make sure you have suitable device compatibility to stream through Peacock. This could be a desktop computer, Smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku.

Geographical Restrictions: Suppose you’re deliberate about what regions Peacock TV is available in. In that case, the answer is the U.S. and, for Sky and NOW users, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, and Italy.


Peacock is an excellent service for fans of NBC classics, sports fans, and news junkies who don’t want to pay too much to watch their favorite shows. Its free base plan isn’t the best, giving you only partial access to the library and bombarding you with advertisements. However, its paid plans begin at a very reasonable $5.99 monthly, making it one of the most affordable options.

James Idayi